Notable Projects 

Our list of projects is long, varied and global, including:

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

World's Largest, Purpose Built

Viscous Wall Damper Test Rig

-16,000 sq. ft. Floor System

-Modular Construction

-Seismically Isolated

-Computer Flooring

-Protection for 2 Super Computers

Golden Gate Bridge Authority

-West Approach

-Seismic Protection

-Structural Steel work

-For a Bridge in the U.S.

-100% Nondestructive Testing

Damper Brackets

Russian Oil Platform

-Heavy-duty Bearing Supports

-Off-shore Oil Platform

-1.6 Billion Project

-Extensive Fabrication Work

-Building Dampers

Geary Van Ness Medical Center

Major U.S. Department  of Defense Contractor

-Modular and Isolated

  Equipment Platform

-Including hydraulics and controls