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Notable Projects 

No project is too big or too complicated. We are well known for adherence to the tightest tolerances and most stringent standards, perhaps that's why DIS is routinely chosen for projects around the world.

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

World's Large, Purpose Built

Viscous Wall Damper Test Rig

            -Including hydraulics and controls

-16,000 sq. ft. floor system

-Modular Construction

-Seismically Isolated

-Computer Flooring

-Protection for 2 Super Computers

Golden Gate Bridge Authority

-West Approach

-Seismic Protection

-Structural Steel work.

-For a Bridge in the U.S.

-100% Nondestructive Testing

Damper Brackets

Russian Oil Platform

-Heavy-duty Bearing Supports

-Off-shore Oil Platform

-1.6 Billion Project

-Extensive Fabrication WOrk

-Building Dampers

Geary Van Ness Medical Center

Major U.S. Department

of Defense Contractor

-Modular and Isolated

  Equipment Platform

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